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Surya Cool - Rain & Shine

One Single Solution with dual properties...

For Leak proof surface and cooling effect...

“SURYA COOL” Rain & Shine is a revolutionary water based coating material with dual properties such as cool and seal. When applied ‘Rain & Shine’ on roof of any building it effectively reduces the room temperature to the extent of 7°C to 10°C due to insulating property of the material and also helps in sealing airline cracks. There by arresting the leakages, it can be used on water tanks, roof top and external walls  etc, where cooling and water proofing is required. The elastomeric coating that fills in voids and pours and seal them to maintains clan surface which is completely washable. Higher the thickness of coating greater the life.

Special Features:

Surface Preparation:
Surface for treatment must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose material, oil, grease etc. Mechanical means such a wire brushing, sanding with sand paper and finally vacuum clean. Clean with water.

Application Procedure:
Surface should be cleaned with water and allow it to semi dry and start application of “Rain & Shine”. Apply 2 neat coats of “Rain & Shine” by diluting about 500 ml water per 1 kg and allow it to dry for 3 to 6 hours, between coats depend up on temperature. Allow it dry for 48 hours.

Benefits of  “Rain & Shine” Coating?

Why your building needs “Rain & Shine” coating?


Technical Data
Nature : Single component
Appearance : White Paste
Coverage : 60 to 80 sft/kg/coat
Coating thickness : 110 microns DFT for 2 coats
Elongation : >200% (Typical value at 30°C)
Re- coating period : Min. 5 hours @ 30°C
Method of application : By brush, roller or spray
Cementations substrate : Excellent
Asbestos : Excellent


Our commitment to quality prompts us to establish a R & D Laboratory - Vijaya Laboratory under technical guidance from National Council for Cement and Building Materials (N.C.B.) New Delhi.


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Other Side

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