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Dazzle - Decorative Ceiling White

A tremendous look…
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It is a premium super fine white lime powder will gives durable throughout your home with just one coat. This high performance ceiling finish gives brilliant white, fresh and beautiful look. SURYA DAZZLE has been formulated as a long lasting finish, which has exceptional opacity along with an outstanding super flat finish and also formulated specially for use on interior & exterior applications. It is easy to apply and provides excellent binding with just one coat application. SURYA DAZZLE Ceiling White is touch dry in 15mins and can be re-coated within one hour. It is designed specifically for in interior & exterior applications of ceilings and also as white wash for walls. Due to its ultra flat finish, it is ideal for the bedroom, study lounge room and living areas the dining room and the hallway. It can be also used in rooms of high moisture area like bathrooms, laundry etc.

SURYA DAZZLE Ceiling White dose not affected by any seepage and leakage and actively works as antibacterial coat. Its brilliant white keeps us active and energetic through out the day and helps to keep our mind with cool and pleasant mood. Alternatively it works as a basic primer coat also.

Surface Preparation: Before applying SURYA DAZZLE ceiling White ensure the ceiling and walls are clean. The ceiling surfaces having dirt, scales, and salty deposits etc… should be thoroughly wire brushed.

Application: Take 1 part of water. While stirring, add equal quality of SURYA DAZZLE powder to get a thick paste. Add required amount of extra water to get to the required brush ability. Allow the prepared mix to mature for about 10 minutes before application. Now the paste is ready for application. Paste that is not being used should be kept well covered. For best results curing is require.

Shelf Life: Best result use before 1 year (Please ensure that the packing are stored at dry place and well built rooms).

Coverage: 120sq. ft / kg per coat.

Packing Available: 25kg, 10kg and 5kg.       


Our commitment to quality prompts us to establish a R & D Laboratory - Vijaya Laboratory under technical guidance from National Council for Cement and Building Materials (N.C.B.) New Delhi.


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