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Surya Gold

  • Perfect Brighter White finish
  • Keeps the wall cooler
  • Eliminates CO2, thus Eco friendly

"SURYA GOLD" is a lime based plaster for finishing Interior Walls and Ceilings."SURYA GOLD" lime plaster can be used on rendered surfaces which gives a superior milky white marble finish. The manufacturers of “SURYA GOLD" are a company which is producing India's only ISI certified white wash “SURYACEM". This micro-fine lime plaster for Interior Walls and Roofs is highly successful and popular owing to the superior quality and advantages that it is offered by “SURYA GOLD”.

Application Procedure

Add "SURYA GOLD" lime plaster into a bucket or drum containing clean water above the level of lime. Soak for minimum 12 hours in water to get a curd like paste (not very thick nor very thin). The paste is to be taken on a steel trowel and applied on fresh plaster after 1-2 hrs of natural drying in a paper thin (1 mm) coat. Do not apply a thick coat on freshly plastered wall or Ceiling. The more you soak, the better the coverage and better finish will be achieved.

Salient Feature

  • Environment friendly; eliminates CO2 from the air.
  • Perfect white finish for brighter walls and ceiling.
  • Cost effective as compared to gypsum and cement putty.
  • From the makers of "SURYACEM" which is....
  • India's only ISI certified white wash.
  • Creates an impression of more space and openness.
  • Keeps the wall cooler.
  • Wards-off insects and spiders.


Our commitment to quality prompts us to establish a R & D Laboratory - Vijaya Laboratory under technical guidance from National Council for Cement and Building Materials (N.C.B.) New Delhi.


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