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Weathering Coarse - For foundation & roof top

Now - a – day’s architects and designers are seeking for better moisture management and energy efficiency for the exteriors of their projects. As a solution, most of them are turning to rain screens as a solution for both the issues.

“SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” is an aggregate mixture which is made with high quality material which can create a protection field, thermal insulation, good cooling effect and also allows weather-related moisture to easily pass through and away from the building.

“SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” is highly breathable and eco-friendly product. If in case water happens to enter the structure through a crack also, it can escape unlike our traditional cement. It is smooth, soft and flexible in nature, so incase if the building moves slightly also it won’t crack like cement.

  • Reduce water penetration by self sealing.
  • Better thermal insulation & good cooling effect.
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Resistance to shrinkage cracks
  • Breathable, eco-friendly & reabsorbs CO2
  • High work ability & water retentivity.
  • 100% more coverage than Neeru Chunnambu.
  • No need to add Chebulic myrobalan & jiggery.

Lime has been used in India as a material of construction from ancient days. The manner in which lime structure is being used about 2000 yrs ago, to build various great monuments have with stood the ravages of time bear irrefutable evidence to the durability of lime products.


“SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” apart from its use as a structured material in several situations in building construction is also used for roof finish and serves as an effective water proofing medium.

Suitable Mix proportion:

Lime: Sand: Aggregates (brick chips or stone chips) needs to be taken 1:2:4 ratios respectively. This is a general recommended usage; however the modification can be done according to the customer requirement.


In order to make a sufficient planning, designing and laying of the water tight finishing, the basic information for design considerations and preparation of roof surface, one should follow certain steps for mixing aggregates.

Aggregates for the mix:

The surface needs to be washed clean, then saturated and dried. After that, the brick chips shall first be stacked on an even surface on the platform. Now the required quantity of sand and the “SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” shall then be dry mixed by a shovel separately by mechanical mixture. This mixture shall be evenly spread over the brick chips and whole things should be thoroughly mixed with required quantity of water and shall be applied with a sprinkler over the top surface. The mixing shall be done by turning it over several times, until all the particles of aggregates are covered with mortar and concrete of uniform appearance and consistency obtained.

Remember only that much quantity of “SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” shall be mixed which can be laid in position within 2 hours after mixing. The mixer shall preferably be placed in position immediately after mixing has been completed. Laying and compaction of “SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” mixer shall be completed within 4 hours of adding water. The mixer shall be laid to the required thickness and levels not exceeding 100mm in thickness.

If the roof is flat, the slope required for drainage may be given in that layer, but the minimum compacted thickness of the “SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” mixer layer will be less than 7.5 cm at this point.

After the “SURYA WEATHERING COARSE” mixture is laid, it shall be initially rammed with a rammer weighing not more than 2 kg and until the finish is brought to the required evenness and slope. Further compaction shall be done by workers who will sit close together, beat the surface lightly with wooden THAPPIES (light wooden rammer) in rhythm and move forward gradually.

Curing: After 48 hours curing can be done. Complete strength can only be achieved after 28 days.


The soil sub grade on which concrete is to be laid shall be properly wet and rammed before concreting is really processed. The concrete shall be laid carefully in position (not thrown from a height) while fresh, in layers not exceeding 150 mm in thickness when consolidated.

The concrete is placed very carefully so that segregation of aggregate particles and mortar does not take place. Each layer needs to be thoroughly rammed and consolidated before succeeding to the next layers. During laying and consolidation, concrete shall be kept from contamination by leaves, straw, things, dirt and other deleterious maters. Alternatively duty plate or surface vibrators can be used for uniform and good compaction. In case there is concrete in foundations, no brick work or masonry shall be laid on concrete for a period of at least 7 days after laying or till such period, the engineer-in-charge feels it necessary.

Curing: After 48 hours curing can be done. Complete strength achieved after 28 days.


Comparison Table

ISI standard product and ISO certified company It is a local made product had no certification
100% quality and purified material It is a kind of lime waste material
100% coast effective product, contains no water and absolutely no unburnt lime contains 50% waste material i.e. 30% water & 20% unburnt lime
Accurate weight maintained No proper weight guarantee
Excellent HDPE bag packing Poor and old gunny bag
25 yrs experience in lime based products Un organized sector
Very fine and dry particle size Dirty and wet material
Prevents seepage & leakage No guarantee
Thermal insulation & good cooling effect No such capacity
Fine finishing and crack resistance No guarantee
good setting and better strength poor setting and low strength
No need to add cherubic myrobalan & jaggery Must add cherubic myrobalan & jaggery
For 100 sft area For 100 sft area
2 bags Surya weathering coarse covers 1 unit, i.e. (10 Ft x 10 Ft) 6 bags of other weathering coarse covers 1unit
Means it will affect on cost of additives also like sand and brick chips. Totally 50% of cost and coverage is safe compare to other weathering coarse.


Our commitment to quality prompts us to establish a R & D Laboratory - Vijaya Laboratory under technical guidance from National Council for Cement and Building Materials (N.C.B.) New Delhi.


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