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Agricultural Lime is proven & popular soil amendment product that is used across the globe to improve soil fertility and boost the crop yield in the most natural & sustainable way. With Surya Agri Lime, farmers and agriculturists in India can now fully leverage the potency & vitality of Agricultural Lime to unlock full potential of the crops.

Made with quality calcium and magnesium compounds, Surya’s Agri Lime comes is the finest Agricultural Lime powder in India with 300 mesh composition. Our ultra-fine Agri Lime Powder offers easy and uniform distribution with faster and superior penetration than any other Agri Lime in India.

When applied to the soil Surya Agri Lime corrects soil acidity and improving soil fertility, to boost crop quality and yield. It improves plant structure, strengthens root systems and boots nutrient uptake for overall plant health. Additionally, agricultural lime reduces the reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers making it a most powerful environment-friendly solution to unlock your farm’s potential.

Whether you are managing a large-scale operation or a small home garden, our affordable, fast-acting formula is the perfect solution for boosting soil fertility and optimizing plant growth.


Ultra-fine Agri Lime powder (300 Mesh)

Superior & deeper penetration due to ultra-fine texture

Offers uniform distribution & easy-to-apply

Provides unmatched soil conditioning

Most affordable premium Agri Lime in India


Increases soil pH levels

Provides essential nutrients

Promotes beneficial bacteria growth

Reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers

Improves plant structure and root systems

Enhances efficiency of fertilizers and herbicides

Most potent and an easy-to-use soil amendment

Cost-effective & sustainable – a rare quality

Small or large - perfect for every scale of farming practice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agricultural Lime?

Agricultural lime is a potent soil amendment product that is made from crushed limestone rock. As of today, it is a powerful, eco-friendly and easiest way to correct soil acidity (lowering pH levels) and improve soil fertility for agricultural purposes.

How does Agricultural Lime improve soil fertility?

The calcium & magnesium compounds in agricultural lime help to neutralize the acidity of soil, improving nutrient uptake by plants and increasing crop yields. Agricultural lime also helps to improve soil structure and reduce soil erosion, leading to better long-term soil health.

In what form is Agricultural Lime available in the market?

Agricultural Lime is typically available in powder or pellet form and can be applied using various methods, such as broadcast spreading, top dressing, or incorporation into the soil. However finer Ag Lime is most preferred by farmers due to its even distribution and superior penetration.

What is the chemical composition of Agricultural Lime?

The composition of lime stone can slightly vary depending on the origin and formation. So, the chemical composition of agricultural Lime also can vary based on the limestone used. However most Agri Lime products usually contain Calcite (CaCO3) or dolomite (CaMg[CO3]2) are most common minerals present in the Agri Lime.

How much Agricultural Lime should I apply to my fields?

The amount of agricultural lime needed depends on the type of crop being grown, the pH of the soil and its texture. So, we always advise to have a soil test done to determine the current pH level and the amount of lime required to achieve the desired pH level.

In general, a rate of 1 to 2 tons of lime per acre is common for raising the pH by one point in sandy soils, while 2 to 3 tons per acre is recommended for loamy soils. However, it's important to follow the recommendations of a soil test for accurate application rates.