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The steel industry plays a pivotal role in global economic development, serving as a foundation for construction, machinery production, automotive manufacturing, transportation, and every other sector needing solid and reliable materials.

High-quality steel manufacturing drives our progress, and Calcined Dolomite is indispensable in ensuring exceptional steel production. As a critical auxiliary material, Calcined Dolomite is essential refined, high-quality, and durable steel that can be customized to requirements.

Delight Chemicals takes pride in being the leading producer of high-quality Calcined Dolomite, enabling top-tier steel manufacturers worldwide to achieve excellence in steel production.

Delight Chemicals – India’s Leading Manufacturers of Calcined Dolomite

State-of-the-art production facilities, advanced manufacturing processes, high-skilled expertise, and 30 years of rich experience in the industry come together at Delight Chemicals to deliver the most Premium Calcined Dolomite in the industry.

As a market leader in the lime industry, we have the privilege of sourcing the finest quality raw materials and implementing the most advanced manufacturing processes. This enables us to produce the highest quality Calcined Dolomite in the market, valued for its superior chemical properties and excellent performance across various industries.

For years, our high-quality Calcined Dolomite has been the trusted choice of leading steel manufacturers in India who harness its numerous benefits to optimize their steel manufacturing processes.


Calcined Dolomite – A Driving Force for Steel Industry

An Ultimate Fluxing Agent in Steel Production

With its superior fluxing capabilities and exceptional chemical properties, our Calcined Dolomite unlocks the true potential of advanced steel production. It promotes the formation of desired slag and facilitates the removal of impurities to enable clean steel production with enhanced mechanical properties. Acting as a catalyst, it excels in adjusting the chemical composition of the steel, lending precise control over its properties.

Our Calcined Dolomite is precise in its chemical composition, leading to desired outcomes and reproducibility.

Key for Consistent & Tailored Desulphurization:

Calcined Dolomite stands out as the most effective desulfurizer in the industry, addressing issues of brittleness and ductility caused by sulphur compounds in steel production. It effectively captures and removes the sulphur from the molten steel and facilitates its removal as slag.

Our high-quality Calcined Dolomite provides consistent desulfurization results to help steel producers easily meet stringent quality requirements. Delight goes one step ahead and adds a touch of flexibility to the effectiveness of Calcined Dolomite. We tailor our chemical composition to align with specific desulphurization needs that allow desired steel quality.

Enables Precise and Customized Refractory Materials:

Calcined Dolomite is a critical component in producing refractory materials that are known to withstand extremely high temperatures without losing their structural integrity. It helps achieve better thermal insulation, imparts the chemical-resistance, and improves overall durability for the longer service life of refractory materials used in steel production.

At Delight Chemicals, we offer high-quality Calcined Dolomite customized to the specific needs of refractory producers, enabling them to optimize the properties of their materials. With a focus on consistency, our advanced production process ensures a uniform chemical composition to deliver consistent results with precision and confidence.

Calcined Dolomite by Delight Chemicals - A Galore of Benefits

Enhanced Steel Quality:

From phosphorous and sulphur to silicon, Calcined Dolomite does its job to react and eliminate every impurity in the steelmaking process to improve the steel's strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance.

With consistent chemical composition, our Calcined Dolomite enables steel manufacturers to achieve higher quality steel as per specific requirements and industry standards.

Positive Impact on the Environment:

Calcined Dolomite improves steel quality, streamlines production, and enables customization according to specific requirements, all while positively impacting the environment.

As an effective desulfurizer, it reduces sulphur content in steel, resulting in decreased emissions of harmful sulphur oxides. It also minimizes waste generation, promotes sustainability, and provides a simple solution for impurity removal. With Calcined Dolomite, steel manufacturers can achieve high-quality steel production while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Easy to Access & Cost-efficient:

Calcined Dolomite is a rare and remarkably beneficial fluxing material easily accessible at an affordable price. It efficiently removes impurities, reducing the need for expensive post-treatment methods. Its easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness enable manufacturers to achieve desired steel quality competitively.

Our ability to access our natural mineral source, cutting-edge production facilities, and extensive distributor network enables us to deliver high-quality Calcined Dolomite at an affordable price point consistently.

Delight Chemicals - India's Leading Calcined Dolomite Manufactures

Our Calcined Dolomite is renowned for its purity, consistency, and performance, making it the preferred choice of customers across India. As one of India's leading producers of Calcined Dolomite, we take pride in being the primary distributor of Calcined Dolomite for industry leaders like Viraj Profiles & Jindal Steel & Power.

Whether you require it for steelmaking, construction, agriculture, or any other industry, you can rely on our product to deliver the best possible results.

Tech Specifications

Sr. No. Test Parameter Unit of
Result Test Method
1 Loss On Ignition (C02) % By Mass Max.4 As per IS:712:1984
2 Calcium Oxide as Cao % By Mass 53 -56
3 Magnesium Oxide as MgO % By Mass 33-36
4 Silica as SiO2 % By Mass Max.3
5 Iron Oxide as Fe2O3 % By Mass Max.0.5
6 Alumin um Oxide as Al203 % By Mass Max.0.5
7 SULPHUR % By Mass Max.0.1
8 R203 % By Mass Max.0.8
9 SIZE mm 20 - 80 Sizes will be supplied as per
customer requirements

FAQ: Calcined Dolomite

What is Calcined Dolomite?

Calcined Dolomite is calcium and magnesium oxide obtained from crude calcium carbonate and magnesium (Ca Mg (CO3) 2, through the calcination process.

This process causes the crude Dolomite to undergo a radical chemical transformation that gives sites to calcium and magnesium oxides, also called Calcined Dolomite. It is a remarkable product that is found to work as a catalyst/flux agent in steel making, soil conditioner in agriculture process, agent in production of metal like magnesium, and even as a filer in ceramic and glass making process

How does Delight Chemical's Calcined Dolomite stand out as the best in the industry?

Delight Chemical's Calcined Dolomite is a highly potent resource with remarkable purity, making it a go-to choice for industrial, agricultural, and chemical manufacturing processes. Our access to perennial dolomite resources and state-of-art manufacturing processes helps us achieve uniform chemical composition with fantastic consistency and purity.

High concentration of calcium & magnesium, low moisture content, higher resistance to clumping and caking & safe levels of heavy metals – our Calcined Dolomite offers the best value proposition for every application and has been consistently doing it for decades now.