Surya Cool Roof Coatings| Easy To Apply | Zero Maintenance


Surya Cool Roof Coat is an ingenious solution designed to give you relief from the crouching heat of Indian summer. A revolutionary formula, our cool roof coat, when applied to your roof, reflects 80% of the UV & IR rays responsible for the blistering heat in the afternoons.

With a continuous reflection of the summer heat, the roof absorbs less heat and dissipates even less giving you a cool and comfortable ambience even in the peak summer. But our cool roof paint is more than just a way to stay cool. It’s Cool & Seal’ method covers hairline cracks and provides exceptional insulation for the roof against heat expansion and surface degradation.

Surya Cool Roof Coat is a ready-to-paint cool roof coat that is easy to apply and needs zero maintenance. It dramatically reduces your roof temperature, protects against surface degradation, and reduces your electricity costs - all while costing a fraction of other solar roof paints.

Features of Surya Cool Roof Coat

Dramatic reduction in roof temperature (up to 10 °C)

Exceptional coverage of approx-70 sq.ft/1kg/2 coats

Covers hairline cracks

Offer UV & corrosion resistance

Up to 30% reduction in AC and energy costs

Eco-friendly coating with zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Lowest price/sq.ft for summer roof coat in the market

Benefits of Surya Cool Roof Coat

Stay cool and comfortable even in peak summer heat

Ready-to-use coating with easy & fast application

Reduces air conditioning and cooling medium costs

Extends the life of your roof with heat and UV protection

Lowers air temperature of surrounding area to improve liveability

Low cost of application and zero-maintenance

Saves energy and reduces electricity costs

Super-economical product that offers exceptional value for money

Tech Specifications

Composition Fine grinded special hydrated powder with thermal insulation material
Appearance Part A in white color, Part B in white Crystal
Miscibility with water Easily miscible with water
Bulk Density 0.65 gm/cc to 0.7 gm/cc
Surface Preparation Surface free from loose particles , dust, oil, etc. on care of Wall
Recommended thickness of Coating Application with brush and recommended water mix ratio is 1:2
Drying 24 hours(minimum)
Coverage Approx-70 sq.ft/1kg/2 coat
Initial Setting time 3 hours(minimum)
Final setting time 24 hours(maximum)
Fineness # 150 mesh
Compressive Strength After 14 days 1.6 N/mm2
After 28 days 3.2 N/mm2
Storage Keep out of direct sunlight ,material in contact with atmosphere
Dries to hard substance.
Safety data a) While Application use Hand gloves
b) Use nose pad while standing
c) There are no poisonous metals such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, etc.
d) Organic volatile content-Negligible
e) Keep out of reach of children.

FAQ: Surya Cool Roof Coat

How to mix Surya Cool Roof Coat?

Mix 1 kg of Surya Cool Roof powder with 150 ml of water in a clean vessel. Blend well until a thorough consistency is reached and use a brush or roller for application.

How to apply Surya Cool Roof Coat?

The coating roof must be free from dust, dirt, grease or laitance before application of Surya Cool Roof Coat. At Surya Cem we advise power cleaning of surfaces to ensure best results.

What is shelf life of Surya Cool Roof Coat?

One year is the shelf-life of Surya Cool Roof, in closed condition.

How much temperature does Surya Cool Roof Coat reduce?

In peak Indian summer, Surya Cool Roof Coat is found to reduce 5 to 6 °C on an average.

How long should one wait after first coat of Surya Cool Roof Coat?

Two coats of Surya Cool is mandatory to achieve the desired effect. It is advised to wait for at least 3-4 hours to allow the first coat to dry before application of second coat.