Surya Cem India's No.1 Sparkling White Wash


From manufacturing India's No.1 Sparkling White Wash to becoming the nation's most trusted brand in the white wash industry, discover the journey behind our hard-earned success.

Welcome to SURYA CEM, India’s leading innovative white wash product manufacturer that drives domestic and industrial construction projects worldwide. In addition to India’s only ISI-certified white wash, our market-leading product portfolio includes Wall Putty, Cement Primers, Cool Roof Coats, Weathering Coarse, Agri Lime & Calcined Dolomite.

Thanks to our own-sourcing capability, superior R&D, and exceptional supply chain, SURYA CEM is now a global supplier with an outstanding track record of delivering quality products in Dubai, Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh. But in the hinterlands of Andhra Pradesh, our journey began with a Sparkling White Wash that gave us our first breakthrough.

Early Success & the Wave of Innovation

We had our first breakthrough in the white wash industry with SURYA CEM Sparkling White Wash. By perfectly blending innovation, quality and affordability, our SURYA CEM sparkling White Wash has perfectly catered to the needs of the general public without burning a hole in their pocket. By also earning the seal of approval from experts, SURYA CEM has become the only ISI-certified white wash in India, catapulting it into every household and industrial facility.

With its incredible quality, it has singlehandedly placed us among the elite manufacturers in India and made SURYA CEM a popular choice among domestic and industrial builders. This was a shot in the arm for our R&D, and our innovation began.

Harness the Potential of Premium White Wash Sources

Having been gifted with the most bountiful white wash sources in India, SURYA CEM has leveraged its advanced R&D capabilities to harness the goodness of nature’s gift to develop essential innovations in the industry.

From premium wall putty and cement primers for a solid foundation for cool roof coats and weathering coarse for beating the summer’s heat, our innovative product range caters to diverse industries. Our products, including Calcined Dolomite and Agri Lime, have achieved immense success, helping to power the steel industry and boost crop yields, respectively.

Three decades ago, we embarked on a mission to provide the highest quality construction products at affordable prices, catering to domestic and industrial requirements. Today in 2023, with more than 1, 50,000 clients worldwide, SURYA CEM has become a globally recognized brand and, more importantly, a popular choice among common people, engineers and builders – a matter of pride for our SURYA CEM family. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to our mission and continue striving for excellence in everything we do.