Surya Plus Premium Base Coat | Offers 150% More Coverage Per Square Foot

Overview: Strong, Smooth & Durable

SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat is crafted with unique ingredients and advanced German Kiln Technology (GKT) to deliver a robust foundation for your walls. Our base coat is fortified with special additives that provide unbeatable strength, adhesion, and long-lasting whiteness.

Compared to traditional white cement base coats and acrylic paints, SURYA PLUS offers 150% more coverage per square foot, saving you money in the long run. With its buttery smooth finish, it is perfect for achieving a seamless, flawless look that lasts for years to come.


5X stronger than any other base coat in the market

Offers exceptional adhesion – doesn’t need water curing

150% more coverage than white cement base coats & acrylic paints

Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial – prevents mould & mildew

A Zero-VOC product that is eco-friendly and safe for indoors

Outstanding value for money with low price per sq.ft


Outdoors & Indoors

Pack Sizes

25 Kg, 40 Kg and 60 Kg


Spreads easily & dries quickly

Offers unbeatable and long-lasting whiteness

Hides all pores, hairline cracks or crevices

No more peeling, cracking or flaking

Butter smooth matte finish with highest uniformity

Perfect coat for indoors and outdoors

Promotes a clean & healthier indoor environment

Saves money and slashes your overall costs

Tech Specifications

Composition and Description SURYA PLUS is manufactured using special ingredients and hydrated dolomite that allow easy mixing, better adhesion, faster setting and higher coverage.
Appearance White
State of Matter Dry powder
Miscibility with water Easily miscible with water
Bulk Density 0.6 gm/cc to 0.65 gm/cc
Surface Applied / Recommended Uses All cured porous cementitious surfaces. It can be used as a base coat to hide the substrate surface with good hiding property, brilliant whiteness and matte finish.
Surface Preparation Before application, surface must be free from loose particles, dust, oil, etc.
Mixing with water Application with brush and recommended water mix ratio is 1:2 ( i.e. for 1 kg of Surya plus 2 liters of water)
Initial drying time at Room Temp.(Touch Dry) 30 minutes (minimum)
Dry to Recoat 6 – 8 hours (minimum)
Coverage Approx-150 Sq.ft/kg/ coat. (13.5 – 14 Sq.meters/kg/coat)
Initial Setting time 3 hour(minimum)
Final setting time 24 hours (maximum)

SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat – Frequently Asked Questions

How to mix SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat?

Mix 1 Kg of SURYA PLUS in a clean vessel with up to 2 Litres of clean water. After thorough mixing apply with a brush. Allow the surface to dry completely. Leave the surface overnight and apply the second coat and allow the surface to dry completely. If desired over this apply any Water based Emulsion Paint, as per Customer’s requirement.

How much coverage does the SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat offer?

140 – 150 Sft/Kg/Coat approximately.

In what sizes and packaging is SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat available?

SURYA PLUS Premium Base Coat is available in 25 Kgs, 10 Kgs and 5 Kgs HDPE Bags.

What is the recommended curing time for newly constructed cement plaster before applying the base coat?

A newly constructed cement plaster should be cured with water for minimum 28 days, chalking may be observed in case the coat is applied on non-cured walls. However, it can be readily applied on old surfaces.

What is the recommended water ratio for mixing SURYA PLUS Premier Base Coat, and how should it be mixed?

Water ratio for SURYA PLUS Premier Base Coat should be 1:2 i.e. for 1 kg of base coat, add 2 Litres of water and mix thoroughly.

What is the recommended method of application for SURYA PLUS Premier Base Coat?

Application must by done by brush. Roller application will gives you non-uniform coating.

Is SURYA PLUS Premier Base Coat suitable for Iron, metal, or plastic surface?

SURYA PLUS Premier Base Coat is suitable only for masonry (cement) walls. It is not suited for remaining surfaces like Iron, metal, or plastic surfaces.